OdzBoxFit - From Boxer To Business Man & Brand Owner!

Introducing Odera Okwuasa (Odz), Boxer and owner of OdzBoxFit - a multidimensional and exciting Boxing Promotions Company and Brand. OdzBoxFit was birthed through Odera's Boxing origins, a sport which he got into later on in his teen years, something that not many do, however since starting Odera has elevated not only as a Boxer but as a businessman too, venturing into Boxing Promotions, having two amateur boxing events under his belt already, with a third event upcoming, as well as haircare, with his business Organic Hairoids. We sat down with him to focus on OdzBoxFit and talk everything Business and Boxing as 'Odz' sets his sights on 2023.

 [Odera Okwuasa at his most recent OdzBoxFit Promotions Boxing Event in November 2022]


Toren: Yes Odz, so how did you originally get into Boxing?

Odz: I got into boxing after playing football at a high level as I have always been driven and motivated and wanted a new sport that could improve my self-defence. A few years down the line I started excelling in the sport picking up honours, including the London Championship and winning the University Championship numerous times which has been a great journey.

Toren: Congratulations man, you have a lot of wins under your belt, no pun intended! So How did OdzBoxFit come about?

Odz: Odzboxfit first came about during the pandemic as I was always interested in starting my own business and I realised that this was an opportunity that I could capitalise on when many people were suffering to work out as many gyms were closed. My passion for boxing led me to the idea of providing 1-1 training sessions which have grown in the 2 years it's been operating, having trained over 1000 clients and running multiple classes that have changed the life of my clients through significant weight loss and has allowed boxers of all levels to fulfill their dreams of becoming professionals or stepping into a ring.

Toren: Okay, so you were one of the few who were able to benefit from the consequences of lockdown and through that able to benefit others. That's amazing brother, well done again. That's an incredible story. So, you were able to conquer and ultimately capitalise on covid, if that's the case, what would you say has been your biggest test thus far?

Odz: My biggest test has been finding the time to train myself, as I run many sessions and classes during the week and sacrifice my time to get my fighters ready for their matchups, but I have now changed my routine and successfully put together a routine of the time and days I work out which has helped me a lot.

Toren: Yeah I hear you, finding balance whilst being actively involved in various projects can be difficult, especially doing them all at high levels! Are there any fighters right now that you're training that the people should look out for?

Odz: Yes bro, I've got a few. Rambo is an exciting heavyweight who sustained an injury on the last show, but he has knockout power and is one for the future. Eze is the golden boy with the title who is very charismatic and is an exciting prospect who looks to face the likes of Jake Paul in the coming years, make sure you watch out for him! Ryan Jack is a cruiserweight who put in an amazing performance on our last show and is one of the hardest workers! One to watch on the next show.

 [George 'Eze' Ezekiel being presented with OB title belt at the most recent OdzBoxFit event]


Toren: What would you say your goals are for the brand in the next few years?

Odz: My goal for OdzBoxFit is to continue expanding the business and open a large BoxFit gym in London that will help encourage more young people to stop violence and stay disciplined through intense training. I also want to grow our promotion events to running 3 x during the year and move into large stadiums once we generate more exposure. This includes different locations across the world such as America and Dubai and bring a new dynamic to boxing with the best upcoming talents in the UK produced at OdzBoxFit.

[A range of some of the OdzBoxFit clothing gear including the Men's Black Sleeveless Hoodie & the Women's Black Elite Tracksuit]

Toren: Yes man, I like the fact that you've thought local in terms of plans to open up a gym location in London, but at the same time thinking global in terms of your strategy to expand the promotions side of things. I'm excited to see the evolution of OdzBoxfit in the next few years. What would you say are some of the goals you have for yourself?

Odz: My personal goal would be to continue growing my businesses and look for ways that I can help change other people’s lives through my beard and hair products which help people with hair loss or through fitness and training. I also plan to invest in properties that I can rent out to students and have many across the UK that will build a healthy cash flow.

Toren: A real businessman! I'm sure after reading this many people are going to be locked into OdzBoxFit and intrigued with what you guys have to offer. To finish off, where can the people find you, when's the next OdzBoxFit event likely to happen and how do people book one-to-one sessions with you?

Odz: The best way to do so is to contact us through @OdzboxFitTraining on Instagram, and a session to suit your needs can get booked in!

Toren: Perfect, I may have to book one myself you know! Lastly, any closing notes? And where can the people find you?

Odz: My personal Instagram is @BigOdzz. As a closing note, we have a lot coming for you guys in 2023! All I can say is stay tuned as we promise more fireworks and excitement.



Interview conducted and written up by Toren. 

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