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In the first interview of the year, we start with a travel-themed blog as Toren sits down with Rebecca - A Cabin Crew Flight Attendant who enjoys the life of constant travel and experiencing new cultures working for British Airways. For those of you who love to travel, have you ever considered working for an Airline? Have a read of the conversation below as we delve into one of the world's most rewarding careers!


Toren: So, what made you fall in love with travelling?

Rebecca: From travelling from the age of two, the whole idea of an aircraft being able to stay in the air for hours on end at a time was mind-blowing (and still is). That combined with visiting new places and just knowing there’s a whole world out there to see. It’s all nice staying in the comfort of your home country, but there are hundreds of places welcoming travellers with open arms to explore their cultures.

Toren: What would you say you love most about your job?

Rebecca: Travellers plan holidays/trips year in advance to days before. There are many reasons people travel and being cabin crew, you do realise the role you play in kicking off their travels. Everyone thinks being on Cabin Crew is easy and simple, but we’re trained to be firefighters, medical assistants, and all things safety/security related.

Knowing every day is completely different when I come to work is what keeps my love for my job ongoing. From meeting and working with new crew members every week, to looking after customers whatever their reasons for travelling may be. Also, I can’t forget to mention visiting new places every week.

It’s a very rewarding job both financially and emotionally. Yes, I will have passengers who come across as very rude at times, and the hours are unsociable here and there, but the pros definitely outweigh the cons.

Toren: If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be and why?

Rebecca: If I was to consider anywhere, it most definitely would be Canada. So far, I’ve only been to Vancouver but the similarity to London in terms of the vibe they have out there is quite similar. Canadians are very friendly people. Also, having breathtaking sights every day you really couldn’t ask for more.

Toren: What country would you say has the best food/cuisine?

Rebecca: I might be biased in saying this, but it would have to be Jamaica. The country's rich culture is present, in every bite of food you have. The variety of dishes and drinks go hand in hand with one another. From starting your morning eating ackee and saltfish to having a beef patty for lunch, with box juice. Then moving on to Oxtail for dinner, with a red stripe on the side. Plus, with many more dishes, you will always guarantee your belly will be full and happy when you go to bed.

Jamaican cuisine is mostly locally grown and produced. Knowing this puts Jamaica up there for having the best food around.


 [A picture taken by Rebecca whilst on Holiday in Jamaica, 2022]

Toren: Where would you recommend everyone to visit in 2023?

Rebecca: There’s a whole world to see out there and most do appreciate the revenue we travellers bring in. My 2023 travel recommendation will have to be Switzerland. I haven’t yet gone myself. However, I have a newfound love for all places cold. But it’s there you will find some of the most breathtaking views and experiences to have.


 [Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland (credits: IG tom_durrer)]


I would also say, visit wherever you’ve had your heart or travel intentions set on in 2023! Nothing feels better than going somewhere you thought you would never be able to go. Book that flight/package holiday and go to see the world.

Toren: A specific but kind of funny question, in your eyes what would you say makes a perfect hotel?

Rebecca: I would say a central location or one that has easily accessible transport links. Nothing is worse than staying somewhere that is a headache to get to and from. I would also definitely need a good fitness club included, that being a reasonably equipped gym to a pool. Lastly, the hotel will need to be quite modern (both the room and bathroom. With a good source of natural light entering the room. Nothing is worse than having a dark dreary room, coupled with patterned bedsheets (unless that’s what you’re after).

Toren: What has been your favourite ever travel experience?

Rebecca: I have done quite a few experiences but most definitely my all-time favourite (so far) has to be a South Coast tour in Iceland. Even as a whole just visiting Iceland is ranked as my favourite trip ever. It was -8 when both myself and my sister went in January 2022. I had never felt bitter cold like it in my life. However, the sights we saw at Sejalandsfoss Waterfall, Solheimajokull glacier and Black-Sand Beach (where I nearly succumbed to the power of the sea) have earned the title of my favourite travel experience so far.

 [A picture taken by Rebecca at Black Sand Beach in Iceland, 2022]



Interview Conducted by Toren

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