Three Projects from Q1 of 2023 That You Need To Listen To!

With the first quarter of the year having flown past, and us being well into Q2, we wanted to take it back and provide three music projects that you ought to have listened to that were released from January through to March. So load up your Spotify's and Apple Music search bars, as there's something for everybody with these recommendations!

1. Clavish - Rap Games Awful
One of the, if not the best rap projects to drop this year and that's even if we're considering Q2. Flows, features & lyricism. A perfect blend of road and real rap, with Clavish providing an insight into his come-up, lifestyle and his hometown of Stamford Hill. An outstanding debut project to say the least. Although 28 songs is a lot on the eye, with this being Clavish's first project, it's ultimately a statement of a tape, showing what he brings to the U.K. Rap table and why he's not 'next up' but up already!
2. Tyler The Creator - Call Me If You Get Lost: The Estate Sale
Since the release of the Odd Future tape in the late 2000s & Goblin in the Early 2010s, Tyler The Creator has undoubtedly gotten better with each project he's released. This is heavily due to Tyler carving out his own definitive sound via his production and use of earthy sounds and instruments in a lot of his music. His latest instalment is an extended version of his 2021 release - Call Me If You Get Lost. Tyler explores themes of Identity, Relationships, Sexuality and coming into wealth - all packaged into a well-rounded 24-track album.
3. Aya Nakamura - DNK
Aya Nakamura! One of the best and most talented artists to come out of France in the last five years or so. Her latest offering DNK has a whole range of vibes. Standouts include 'Baby', 'Cadeau' & 'Daddy'. Being one of France's biggest and most popular artists right now, if you're looking to develop and refine your international music ear - this album is the perfect place to start! 
Three very different projects for you to all take in! Have a listen and get back to us with your verdict, we'll be back for a Q2 round up!
Written by Toren (Founder of 99Piece)

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