The Block Report Live - Bringing Undiscovered Talent to the Forefront in a Major Way!

It has been a few weeks since the Block Report Live Show, the 3rd edition of what has been a powerful display of undiscovered talent ranging from U.K. Rap & Drill, to R&B and ultimately bringing it to the forefront of the U.K. music scene, in a major and innovative way! 
The Block Report was founded by Flashy Sillah, a concept that started off with the content creator and rap music aficionado, sitting on a bench outside his estate, discussing and debating everything U.K. music, from top picks of the week, to music news and artists to keep an eye on (check out the episode with U.K. legend and pioneer Sneakbo below!)
Three years on and the Block Report has expanded and grown way beyond being an online show for music lovers and fans of the scene and culture. We had the chance to go down and attend the latest Block Report Live Show, featuring a crazy line up of underground and emerging talent - ELT Cheekz, AE, EmanFromDaA2, (OVE) Riskey & Kzee. All artists brought something different to the table in regard to their flows, style, energy and lyrical content. The Block Report Live is what the live music scene has been needing for years!
The build up to the event was different this time around with all artists being involved in a cypher on the block report channel. This allowed for listeners to be introduced to all of the artists at the same time and ultimately on the same playing field before the big game day! [Have a watch below]. We were also lucky to receive a press pack straight from the source, with a cool crossword that got the brain thinking everything U.K. Black Music & Culture, from Topboy to Little Simz.
On the night, Peckham Audio was filled! You could feel that everyone was ready to hear and anticipate what and who is next up. The first act up was KZee, a stand out from the cypher due to his delivery and clarity, especially over the second bea.! His sound is what would be deemed a blend of trap and rap, and opened up the show well.
Second up were AE, the only female act on the line up, who shelled it down and ultimately had the best crowd control - definitely a duo to look out for! Just before the midway break was EmanFromDaA2 - one of the deeper, story teller type of rappers, when he possesses the microphone, it's as if he's talking to the crowd and delivering poetry, absolutely effortless. After the break it was only right that Riskey (OVE) hailing from Highbury, North London lit up the crowd! Nothing but energy from him and his guys on stage, a jumpy drill performance is what had been missing thus far from the night and Riskey definitely came at the right time. At one point, he even jumped from the stage and down into the crowd, and continued performing! Although Riskey performed over drill beats, he definitely had a grime influenced feel to him, down to his quick tempo flow and energy (the Tim & Barry no miming freestyle with Greeze is definitely one to check out). Last but not least, we had ELT Cheekz, also hailing from North London. Cheekz from the get go gave off the feel and flow of a "rappers rapper", letting the crowd know that "if he couldn't rap he wouldn't rap!" ELT Cheekz had punchlines and quotable lines for days and to no surprise for many, came out victorious on the night, with Sillah announcing him as the artist of the night, taking home the coveted and brand new Block Report Live Trophy!
It was a phenomenal night for live music. The Block Report does an amazing job at bringing talent from across the country on one stage for one night, ultimately showcasing what the U.K. music scene has to offer at a grassroots level. Opportunities like these are priceless and with the trajectory of the platform continuing to catapult and Flashy Sillah finding new and innovative ways to grow the platform - The Block Report is set to become the hub for underground talent and live music, bringing to two together for what makes a perfect recipe for music lovers and those who like keeping their ears to the streets!






Live Music Write up by Toren (Founder of 99Piece)

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